Duplex for Sale NE Minneapolis

Buyer’s Agent: Drew Hoefler

Seller’s Agent: Drew Hoefler

Duplexes in the Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood are starting to become some of the most desirable properties in the Twin Cities. This was an amazing property that we were very pleased to list and find a buyer for.

This is one of those rare duplexes that will allow people to owner occupy – having somebody rent in one unit while you live in the other. It was located very close to the Mississippi river right off of Randolph and grand Avenue.

What are you looking for a duplex in the Northeast Minneapolis, or Columbia Park, or Holland neighborhood – there are lots of opportunities and we’re having a blast connecting buyers with sellers.

Remember that if you’re looking to sell your duplex, it’s incredibly important to work with somebody that fully understands how to communicate the entire value of your property. If you’re going to list your duplex, you’ll want to work with a duplex specialist that understands how to Price your property with consideration to market conditions, projected rental income, and the current look and feel of the property.

Another thing to note is that there is a huge difference between rental value and property value. When you consider property value, you’re often mostly concerned about the house for my homeowners perspective. You want all the nicest furnishings, you want there to be absolutely gorgeous interior, and you’ll be looking at it from your own perspective.

Rental value does care about the condition of the property and every furnishing, but it looks to get the greatest yield out of the invested property.

Remember that your traditional realtor or real estate agent doesn’t understand all of the complexities involved with the duplex. If you’re thinking about purchasing a duplex as an owner occupant, we would love to help you understand how the process locks and become your agent.

We just wanted to share another one of our clients stories because this is what makes it all worth it.

2017 is such a phenomenal year – and the activity around these duplexes and triplexes can be a little bit overwhelming.
It’s common knowledge that the real estate market has been hot in 2017, and everybody knows a story or two about somebody trying to entice a seller to choose their offer.

If the single-family home market is booming – you better believe that the duplex and triplex market is absolutely astounding. One of the most important things that we are doing for clients is helping them position their offers, and think reasonably about the properties that they’re going to choose.

Strategically offering and clearly communicating with his seller around the price you’re willing to beat another offer by has become critical.

When it comes to getting your offer accepted, one of the most important things to do is to have an agent that understands exactly what’s going on in the process. While many real estate agents claim to know their market, and talk about being able to negotiate beneficial offers for their customers, too many agents are faking it till they make it.

The duplex doctors have helped hundreds of people buy or sell a duplex over the last 15 years, and they are on their own portfolios as well. This means that they don’t just negotiate with other people’s money, but they have vast experience negotiating with all sorts of buying opportunities.

Again – Northeast Minneapolis is becoming one of the most desirable neighborhoods, And owning a duplex in this great neighborhood can position you for financial momentum for decades to come.


Duplex for sale ne minneapolis 2911 grand street ne (1)Duplex for sale ne minneapolis 2911 grand street ne (1)Duplex for sale ne minneapolis 2911 grand street ne (1)Duplex for sale ne minneapolis 2911 grand street ne (1)Duplex for sale ne minneapolis 2911 grand street ne (1)Duplex for sale ne minneapolis 2911 grand street ne (1)