Buyer’s Agent: Drew Hoefler

Seller’s Agent: Home Avenue

A Duplex for Sale in St. Paul

Drew Hoefler of the Duplex Doctors helped another buyer find a great duplex.  This was a St. Paul duplex for sale and Home Avenue was on the listing side.

Duplexes are such great investments because you can use it as an investment property or be an owner occupant while renting out the extra unit.  The Duplexes  in St. Paul have experienced similar increases in demand.

If you’d like to find a duplex, triplex, or even a quad – then we’d love to serve you.

Contact us today for a free consultation and we can help you understand what the buying process will look like for a duplex since it’s much different than that for a single family home.

You might qualify for more home when you purchase a duplex, you might even find that you’ll have positive cash-flow in some circumstances.   Regardless of the situation, we’d love to help you find a duplex for sale in St. Paul, Minneapolis, or any of the other locations in the Twin Cities

Jason Reed – The Duplex Doctor