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A Look at the Multi-Family Properties of the East Suburbs

Increasingly, people are turning to Woodbury as a go-to in the eastern suburbs. The city’s featuring lots of new developments, shopping, restaurants, and more.

Because of the city’s appealing elements, investors think of Woodbury as a great place to own a multi-family property such as a duplex or triplex.

While that’s certainly true, the very few Woodbury multi-family properties are not easy to find on the market. To score here, it may be necessary to watch the market for quite some time in order to find anything at all. That said, if you’re looking in Woodbury (or are open to the surrounding area) we’d love to talk with you about your options and help you through the process.

Every Active Duplex Listing in Woodbury

(No properties showing? Check back soon! Finding duplexes here can be tough.)

A Bit About Our Team

We’re The Duplex Doctors – The #1 Duplex Realtors in MN

Our elite team of multi-family realtors is recognized across the Twin Cities by  investors and fellow realtors alike. Unlike a typical single-family realtor, we’re motivated by helping people to start or continue an investment journey.

Whether you’re looking to live in your property as an owner-occupier or rent out both sides, we’re happy to help you find the duplex that fits in with your unique lifestyle.

Working in and Around Woodbury

We’re not trying to keep any secret of the fact that multi-family properties in Woodbury are hard to come by. That said, we’re willing to work to help you find a property that suits your needs.

If you’re flexible and willing to consider Maplewood and/or east St. Paul neighborhoods in addition to Woodbury, then it will be easy to help you find the perfect property.

Even if you’re not so sure where you’re comfortable investing and where you’re not, we’re happy to help you figure it out.

We’re always looking out for your best interests – we’ll help you to put your money into the right property at the right time (for the right price.)

What Makes Duplexes Special?

There are many great reasons to invest in duplexes or small multi-families as opposed to single-family homes. The most simple of those reasons is this: properties with more units almost always generate more cash flow.

You might not be looking to become a landlord, but would you consider it if you could own two units, live in one, and have the rent check from the second be large enough to cover your living expenses?

Many would take that opportunity and run with it. At the same time, many investors have their sites set on renting out both units to create a positive cash flow. The choice is yours.

Unmatched in Twin Cities Area

Duplex Real Estate

First-Time Homebuyers & Duplexes

Looking to buy your first ever property? In our opinion, you’ve made a good decision in taking a close look at duplexes.

Just like in single family real estate, there are financial tools that can be utilized when lending money for a first multi-family property (with 4 units or less.)

As a first time buyer, you have the opportunity to purchase a duplex with FHA financing and potentially have the opportunity to utilize a city or statewide program for down payment assistance as well.

On top of that, duplex buyers may even be able to consider a portion of anticipated rental income as their income when qualifying – meaning you could easily qualify for more home when buying a duplex.

The Competition is Fierce

In a market like the one we’re seeing right now (as of the time that we’re writing this) competition is crazy when it comes to multi-family properties.

As you go along, you’ll likely encounter many multiple offer situations. To ensure that you get a great property at a great price, it’s essential to ensure that your agent knows the multi-family market.

We’re the state’s leading duplex realtors, and we’d be happy to help you win big as a buyer in a seller’s market.

Minnesota’s Duplex Specialists

We’re dedicated to the duplex, triplex, and four-plex market. If you’re looking to buy (or sell) in Woodbury, then we’re the team to call.