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Sell a Duplex

Let’s Maximize the Return On Your Duplex

Selling a Duplex:

It’s a Sellers Market & We’re the Team to Beat.

When you’re selling a Duplex, there are factors which can WILDLY affect the selling price. With our experience in tenant management, renovations, and investment properties in Minnesota, we’re certain we’ll bring value to your Duplex sale.

The Duplex Doctors Minneapolis St. Paul Duplex for sale16 300x300 - Sell a Duplex
The Duplex Doctors Minneapolis St. Paul Duplex for sale25 300x300 - Sell a Duplex

Only Work with a Duplex Specialist

Duplexes & Multi-Unit are ALL WE DO! – We’re #1 in Minneapolis

We have three specialties as the Duplex Doctors, duplexes, investment properties, and probate real estate.  The sale of a Duplex or investment property such as an apartment, triplex, or four-plex, is nothing like a traditional real estate transaction.

The reason we’ve decided to work in this particular niche’ is because we’re passionate about investment property, it’s what we personally own in our real estate portfolio, and we’ve found it’s nearly impossible to be great at more than one complex real estate niche.

Recently Sold Duplexes
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Sell a Duplex

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