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Drew Hoefler The Duplex Doctors Twin Cities Real Estate Agents and Duplex Specialists 3 - Drew Hoefler

Drew Hoefler – The Duplex Doctors Minneapolis

Drew Hoefler has been investing in duplexes, real estate, and managing properties since 2009.

While building his own portfolio of rental real estate, he’s been helping people participate in the Minneapolis rental real estate market in various ways.

Drew found that one of the best ways to help people maximize their duplex investment was to help them find high-quality tenants for their properties. Before joining the Duplex Doctor team, Drew spent years as a Renters Warehouse tenant expert. He helped people find the best tenant for their property, aligning his best interests with the clients.

Drew has a twin brother, and the two of them both passionately build their real estate portfolio while spurring others to participate in rental real estate and investment properties.
Drew lives in Northeast Minneapolis, and he’s the kind of guy that not only gives energy to everyone he’s around, but he adds value through encouragement and joyfulness. It might sound crazy, but Drew just makes you feel better when you’re around him, in an authentic and heartfelt way.

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