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Duplex for Sale Nokomis Minneapolis

Looking for a duplex in the Nokomis neighborhood of Minneapolis? We’d be happy to help!


Duplexes for Sale in Minneapolis – Nokomis:

Duplexes Available in South Minneapolis:

South Minneapolis is known for coffee shops like Botany, vintage stores such as Arlee Park, restaurants like Fat Lorenzo’s, and, of course, Lake Nokomis. The Nokomis neighborhood sits just below the Powderhorn neighborhood and extends southward enough to border Richfield. If a close proximity to Lake Nokomis, Lake Hiawatha, Diamond Lake, and Minnehaha Regional Park sounds like an ideal location to you–then consider a duplex in this South Minneapolis neighborhood.

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We’re The Duplex Doctors – Specialists in Nokomis Neighborhood Duplexes 

The #1 Duplex Real Estate Agent Team in Minneapolis

We call ourselves The Duplex Doctors because we are a duplex and investment property specialist team working in the Twin Cities area. Our team is led by longtime duplex specialists Jason Reed and Drew Hoefler.  For five consecutive years, we’ve been number one in both buying and selling duplexes in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul area.

Our mission as The Duplex Doctors is to help maximize value for duplex buyers, sellers, and investors. 


Serving the Nokomis Neighborhood & South Minneapolis as Duplex Real Estate Experts

Unlike most realtors, we don’t work with any kind of property besides duplexes, probate properties, and investment properties. We do this because we know that a duplex specialist can add so much value to your search or your sale. Since we’ve focused solely on investments, we’ve been able to strike a lot of great deals for our clients. We want to ensure that we continue to be the best possible source for both buyers and sellers in the Twin Cities, and that is why we don’t spend time working with single family properties.

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A great duplex deal isn't always easy to find. But we find them. We have years of industry expertise, and we constantly prove to know the duplex market from top to bottom.

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What’s So Great About Duplexes?

Buying a duplex in the Nokomis neighborhood of Minneapolis has the potential to be a great investment. Not everyone knows this, but duplexes are actually providing an amazing way for average people to get started with real estate investment. Unlike most investments, duplexes don’t require previous landlording experience or huge down payments. In fact, potential duplex buyers who want to owner-occupy their property don’t have to buy like an investor would in most cases. Instead, they can simply use FHA financing just as they would with a single family home purchase for a first-time home buyer.

The Duplex Doctors - #1 Seller of Duplexes in Minneapolis

Duplex Purchases for First-Time Home Buyers in Nokomis, Minneapolis

Most people looking for a home in the Twin Cities are already aware that Minneapolis is bustling with diversity, excitement, industry, and culture. South Minneapolis alone is home to many amazing restaurants, coffee shops, and local storefronts. Many Minneapolis residents are already happy to call the city home, but there’s always room for one more.

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Duplexes for Sale in South Minneapolis are in Demand

As of now, the real estate market in Minneapolis is hot. Buyers and sellers are connecting quickly, and the market is running on a very low inventory. However, great deals still exist–even in a market like this. While it can seem impossible to come across the right kind of duplex, we’re still confident that we can help you to find the deal that’s right for your unique situation. As house hackers start to discover duplexes as an economic, efficient way to live, it is very possible that duplexes will only continue to rise in popularity. Even now, some duplexes are selling so quickly that they never even hit the MLS. That’s why we’re here. We’ll help you find the best deals quickly so that you don’t miss out on the place of your dreams.

The Top Duplex Real Estate Agents in Minneapolis

If you are looking to sell or buy a duplex in Minneapolis, we’re here to help. As the top seller of duplexes in the Twin Cities for five years running, we’re the leading experts in Minneapolis duplex investments. We understand duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes in a way that few others do.

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Service Type
Multifamily Real Estate
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The Duplex Doctors,Minneapolis, Minnesota, Telephone No.612-332-9000
Minneapolis, MN Nokomis Neighborhood
We're The Duplex Doctors - real estate agents focusing on duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, and multifamily properties in the Nokomis neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Duplex for Sale Nokomis Minneapolis

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