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Duplex for Sale Minneapolis

Why Buy a Duplex?


Duplexes for Sale in Minneapolis:

We Specialize in Minneapolis Multifamilies:

Searching for a duplex for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota? We’re the number one buyer and seller of duplexes in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities as a whole.

We specialize in helping buyers, sellers, and investors to navigate duplex, triplex, and multi-unit housing transaction processes. In the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, nobody does it better than us.

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Who Do We Serve? 

The answer is simple. We serve Minneapolis duplex buyers. If you’ve been on the hunt, you’ve probably already discovered that finding duplexes and multifamily properties is difficult – even when you have access to the MLS. This is the case because the duplex market is hot right now – there are always buyers eager to purchase.

Why Buyers Benefit From a Duplex Expert

If you’re looking for a duplex, you will benefit greatly from our expertise that comes from years of experience and a focused real estate agency. We only deal in duplexes, triplexes, and multi-unit housing. After getting waist deep into the hunt, many buyers find that navigating through the multifamily market is a lot different than the single-family home purchasing process. Why? Because tenants, active leases, and other factors add complications to the process.

Some questions arise right away.

  • How long will the current tenant be likely to stay?
  • What happens if the current rental rate is inappropriate?
  • How do you determine the value of a duplex that requires repair and renovation?
  • If you’re using an FHA loan, how do you compete against traditional investor offers?
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We've sold hundreds of duplex and triplex properties in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In fact, we've sold more duplexes than anyone else for five years in a row.

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We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Property

Make a great investment by working with duplex specialists.

When we get started with a potential duplex buyer, we work hard to ensure that we direct them towards the best deals on the market. We don’t steer people towards bad purchasing decisions just to make a commission. Instead, we make ourselves available as both realtors and consultants. We’ll work with you to get the most out of your duplex even after your purchase is made.

One of the key things about purchasing a duplex in Minneapolis is that the value of the property and the ensuing negotiation is tied to a number of factors that require expertise from a duplex specialist.

The Duplex Doctors - #1 Seller of Duplexes in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Duplex Properties are About More than Profit

We’re The Duplex Doctors – Twin Cities Duplex Specialists and a Real Estate Team

Our mission is to maximize value for duplex buyers, sellers, and investors. But why we do it is much more important to us.

We know that investing in real estate can be unbelievably beneficial when it’s done properly. We believe that people need to be informed, coached, and aware of what it means to get into real estate. In our opinion, duplexes are the easiest road to building up a real estate portfolio.

The Minnesota Real Estate Market

Minnesota boasts an ever-improving quality of life as well as a strong economy. Minnesota’s known as a great place to raise a family and even as a great place to invest. If you’re purchasing, selling, or investing in duplexes, we highly recommend that you work with us so that you can get the maximum value from this unique real estate transaction.

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Minneapolis Duplexes are Hot Commodities

Inventory in the real estate market is low, which is causing prices to go up at a rapid pace. Not only are traditional homebuyers facing a lack of inventory, but the duplex market has been competitive for quite some time.

Why buy a duplex for sale in Minneapolis?

When you invest in a duplex, you are able to benefit from a number of factors:

You have an ability to use a lower down payment financing from FHA, VA, or even conventional loan that is usually not accessible to an investment property. That means that you can purchase a duplex with down payments as low as 3 1/2% or 5% compared to the traditional 20% required for investment properties.

Borrow Against Projected Rent Payments

Another cool benefit of buying a duplex is that you will be able to borrow in consideration of the rental payments from your tenant. This means that you will be able to borrow and purchase a higher value property then if you were using a traditional financing option. Twin Cities investors often get started by purchasing a duplex with FHA financing and occupying it while living in a wonderful Minneapolis neighborhood.

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Minneapolis Living While Having Your Mortgage Paid

Obviously, we cannot promise that your entire mortgage payment would be paid by rent payments from a tenant, but we found that purchasing a duplex and occupying half of it allows you to create financial momentum.

Duplex House Hacking Minneapolis Minnesota

What is house hacking? The idea is that you scrape by with as little as possible in order to begin your real estate investment portfolio. House hackers are those that will buy a house and find a roommate right away to help offset their rent payment so that they can start saving for a down payment on their next property.

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Multifamily Real Estate
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The Duplex Doctors,Minneapolis, MN, Telephone No.612-332-9000
Minneapolis, Minnesota
We're The Duplex Doctors - the #1 buyer and seller of duplexes in Minneapolis for the past four years. If you're looking a duplex for sale in Minneapolis, we're here to help.

Duplex for Sale Minneapolis

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