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Duplex for Sale MN

Twin Cities Duplexes are in high demand because they are attractive investments. Duplexes often sell before they even hit the MLS.

We’re the #1 Seller of Duplexes in Minneapolis

Buy a Duplex

Sell a Duplex

Selling a Minnesota Duplex

Maximizing the sale of a Duplex involves vision casting to buyers about tenants & potential rental income.

We’ve sold more Duplexes in the Twin Cities than any other agent

Sell a Duplex

Why Own a Duplex?

Investment Property for Sale MN

Duplexes are one of the easiest, most financially rewarding real estate investments that any person can make.

Learn the potential for profitability associated with owning and renting out a Duplex

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Maximize value for duplex buyers, sellers, and investors.

Our Mission:

Maximize value for duplex buyers, sellers, and investors.

Why Duplexes?

  1. Tax-Advantaged Investment as Passive Income
  2. Low Correlation to the Stock Market
  3. Typically Easier for an Average Investor

Duplexes are Special Kind of Property

Duplexes are an easier step into real estate investments. All investments involve risk, but buy-and-hold real estate might provide some attractive benefits that stocks, bonds, and house flipping cannot.

We have a pool of buyers and sellers that continue to utilize our expertise to buy, sell, renovate, and lease their duplexes, we’d love to connect!

 Why the Twin Cities?

Millennials, Baby Boomers & Beyond

It doesn’t take much convincing to recognize the cultural, economic, and geographic advantages of Minnesota.

The Twin Cities market continues to show attractive employment rates, relatively low crime, high quality education, and a strong economy.

Minneapolis and St. Paul have a thriving network of restaurants, parks, professional sports teams, fortune 500 employers, higher education, and a multitude of factors that increase the quality of living.


Jason Reed Duplex Doctors Twin Cities Duplex Specialists - The Duplex Doctors - Minnesota Duplex Specialists

Jason Reed

Jason Reed is the original Twin Cities Duplex Doctor, and has been working as a duplex and investment specialist since 2002.

Drew Hoefler The Duplex Doctors Twin Cities Real Estate Agents and Duplex Specialists 5 200x300 - The Duplex Doctors - Minnesota Duplex Specialists

Drew Hoefler

In addition to building his own portfolio, Drew has been working with clients to develop their real estate portfolios since 2012.

Recently Sold Minnesota Duplexes

We’ve been busy! Duplexes, Triplexes, Four-Plexes, Apartments and Probate properties are all that we do.

We’re not your typical Minnesota Real Estate firm.

The Duplex Doctors – Minnesota Duplex Specialists

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