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#1 Seller of Duplexes in Minneapolis

#1 Seller of Duplexes in Minneapolis

Pre-MLS Northeast Duplex

Pre-MLS: 749 Fillmore St NE, Minneapolis, MN

This duplex is located right within the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. It’s sure to sell quickly, but we’re giving you the...

Pre-MLS: 5736 38th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

*UPDATE (6/4): This duplex is still for sale but is now on the market. Take a look at this Minneapolis duplex before we list it in a few...

Northeast Minneapolis Off-Market Duplex – 2228 Buchanan Ave NE

We’re selling this gorgeous duplex in northeast Minneapolis off-the-market – we’re not marketing it in any other place...

Northeast Minneapolis Off-Market Duplex – 1523 Washington St

Duplex for Sale Northeast Minneapolis – February 28, 2018 We’re excited to announce a great potential investment opportunity...

South Minneapolis Duplex Pre-Listing – 3327 Chicago

Duplex for Sale South Minneapolis – February 23, 2018 We have a new Duplex Listing that’s located in South Minneapolis...

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