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Duplexes for Sale in Saint Paul:

We’re Saint Paul Duplex Experts

Are you looking to buy a duplex in Saint Paul or Minneapolis? We’re the number one buyer and seller of duplexes in the Twin Cities. The Duplex Doctors is a real estate team that specializes in multi-family investment properties. We don’t work outside of Minnesota, and our primary focus is the St. Paul and Minneapolis region.

We’re Saint Paul Duplex Experts

Our mission is to help maximize value for duplex buyers, sellers, and investors. We’re here to help people easily navigate the duplex buying process and transform their financial lives as they build a financial portfolio in real estate.

Anyone that’s buying a property has to work hard to understand every facet of the transaction, but we can add insight and knowledge to first-time homebuyers looking to purchase a duplex.

Duplex Specialists for Regular People

St. Paul duplexes can be one of the best investments for regular folks. Most people like the idea of purchasing a duplex because it can provide an amazing opportunity to offset large portions of your mortgage payment while using traditional FHA financing with a lower down payment.

There is a gap between the knowledge and expertise of real estate investors with lots of experience and those that are just getting started. We want to make the process of buying a duplex smooth and help people go into the transaction with their eyes wide open so that anyone can be equipped to make a great purchase.

The Duplex Doctors 

#1 Seller of Duplexes in the Twin Cities